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H2hOme® solutions are available for purchase through our network of select fire protection distributors. Please fill out the form to contact us for information on our readily available purchasing options.

A Note For Homeowners: Whether you’re building a new home or retrofitting your existing home with a fire sprinkler system, the entire system (including all of its’ components such as the H2hOme®) must be compliant with NFPA 13D residential fire sprinkler code. As such, the system and its components should always be installed and commissioned by a certified fire sprinkler contractor to ensure the system’s proper function and ultimately, the safety of your home. Please contact your local fire sprinkler contractor to see if the H2hOme® is right for your system, and to schedule your install.

  • Please select your H2home™ model. For model specifications, please reference the table down below.
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Long-lasting components, time-saving design.

Lifelong Build

All H2hOme® models come standard with stainless steel pump heads and non-ferrous components. This protects against corrosion, and ensures system readiness for decades to come.

Fast Installation

Created with home builders in mind, our slim tank can be carried through any standard sized doorway – with reduced weight when the pump is slid out.

Effortless Design

The only residential fire suppression system with an easy slide-out pump, which makes it easy to service, and easy to own.

H2Home® Model Specifications

MODEL GPM 0 20 25 30 35 40 50 60
H2H425-E01 PSI 26 24 20 18
H2H425-E03 PSI 48 46 39 34
H2H425-A04 PSI 61 57 54 52 50 46 39 37
H2H425-A06 PSI 72 67 65 63 60 58 51 45